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Do you know someone who used to be in foster care and is looking for a "one time fix" for financial assistance? Click the link below to go to the application for assistance. 

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The Road to Independence Foundation

In Memory of Senator Nancy C. Detert 

1944 - 2023

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Dear Friends, Family, and Members of the Community,


Kids in foster care travel a very bumpy and uncertain road through no fault of their own.  Our organization was formed to give these great kids a better chance to find The Road to Independence.


As a legislator, in the Florida House for 8 years and the Florida Senate for 8 years, I spent a lot of time working with kids in the Foster care system. I discovered the following:


  • Only 2 percent of the kids left Foster care with a drivers license

  • Kids in foster can't travel with their team mates, or go to the prom unless everyone they are with has a background check

  • They were moved so many times they had to repeat grades

  • They were separated from siblings and not allowed to know where their siblings were located

  • And, on their 18th birthday they are out of the Foster Care system


Is it any wonder that most of them were ending up homeless or in jail! And this is true in every state. I was able to sponsor and pass bills that assist with drivers licenses, support youth who want to attend college, promote a more normal school experience, reduce sibling separation, and extend Foster Care to age 21! Florida is one of the few states that has extended  the Foster Care age to 21.

Together we can help make a positive change in the lives of individuals who are currently in the Foster Care system and of individuals who have recently left the Foster Care system.


Nancy Detert

June 25, 2019

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